Create your menu from our delicious selection of platters, heroes, salads and desserts. Your guests will rave about the mouth-watering food and spectacular presentation made especially for your event.
Family Bagel's ultimate goal is to have you thoroughly enjoy your event. Our fresh, quality foods, attention to detail and friendly, gracious service allows you to unwind and enjoy. Whether it is at home or work, large party or quaint get-together… we treat you like Family!
Call us to help create your next distinguished affair.

Family Heros

Incredible Heros packed with delicious deli meats and cheeses or our gourmet appetizing salads.
Choose or create your own:

American Traditional
Turkey, Roast Beef, Ham, American Cheese, Lettuce and Tomato

Italian Family Classic
Pepperoni, Genoa Salami, Cappi Ham, Provolone, Lettuce and Tomato

Chicken Siciliano
Loaded with Grilled Chicken, Roasted Peppers and Fresh Mozzarella

Choice of Homemade Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Macaroni Salad or Cucumber Salad


$28.95 per foot

Breakfast Heros

Choose your own size & one of our favorite fillings. Design your own filling.

Eggs, Ham, Sausage or Bacon, Cheese

Eggs, Spinach, Feta, Mushrooms

Heart Attack
Scrambled Aggs, Ham, Bacon, Sausage, American, Swiss

Includes Home Fries
Egg Whites Additional $1.95 per foot

Breakfast Heros

$14.95 per foot

Family Fish Platters

A garnished fish platter created with the freshest of your favorite fish delights

Sliced Nova Lox, Whitefish (filleted or stuffed),
Sliced Baked Salmon & Sable
Bowl of Herring Fillets with Cream Sauce and Onions
Assorted Cream Cheeses and an assortment of Bagels and Bialys
Tray of Sliced Onions, Tomatoes, Cucumbers & Peppers

Served with 2 bagels per person

Fish Platter

$18.95 per person

Family Appetizing Platters

Choose from any of our Homemade Salads to make a beautiful Salad Platter

An assortment of Bagels and Bialys and your choice of Homemade Potato, Cole Slaw, Macaroni or Cucumber Salad

Served with 2 bagels per person

Choices include:
Honey Mustard Tuna
Chicken Salad
Honey Mustard Chicken Salad
Egg Salad
Baked Salmon

Low-Fat Vegetable Tuna
Low-Fat Family Tuna (Apples and Craisins)
Low-Fat Egg White Vegetable Salad
Low-Fat Egg White Spinach Salad
Low-Fat Egg White Mushroom Onion Spinach Salad
Low-Fat Family Egg White Salad (Apples and Craisins)
Low-Fat Vegetable Chicken Salad
Low-Fat Family Chicken Salad (Apples, Craisins, Walnuts)

Family Appetizing Salad Platters

$12.95 per person

Family Wrap Baskets

Choose from our traditional Homemade Salads and deli provisions or choose from our Signature Wraps to customize a beautiful garnished wrap basket

Includes Choice of Homemade Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Macaroni Salad or Cucumber Salad

Choose from these popular choices or create your own

Turkey, Melted Swiss, Bacon, Cole Slaw w/Russian Dressing

Grilled Chicken, Romaine, Croutons, Parmesan Cheese w/Caesar Dressing

Grilled Chicken, Roasted Peppers, Fresh Mozzarella, Romaine Lettuce & Pesto

Roast Beef, Cheddar, Sauteed Onions, w/Horseradish

Grilled Vegetables, Fresh Mozzarella, Mesculin w/Balsamic Vinaigrette

Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato w/Honey Mustard

Genoa Salami, Ham, Pepperoni, Provolone, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion w/Oil & Vinegar

Mandarin Salad Wrap
Lettuce, Tomato, Carrots, Mandarin Orange, Walnuts w/Raspberry Vinaigrette

Family Wrap Baskets

$10.95 per person

Wrap Bite Baskets

Stuffed with your choice of our finest vegetables, cold cuts or our many delicious homemade salads.
Also available: Grilled Chicken or Grilled Vegetable

Beautifully arranged & Plattered

Includes Choice of Homemade Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Macaroni Salad or Cucumber Salad

10 person minimum

Wrap Bite Platters

10.95 per person

Lettuce Wrap Platters

These are just a couple of our favorites! We also have a wide variety of salads and cold cuts, so feel free to create your own!

1. Turkey, Swiss, Tomato, Avocado

2. Tuna, Tomato or Veggie Tuna

3. Grilled Chicken, Tomato, Onion

4. Grilled Chicken, Roasted Pepper, Fresh Mozarella

5. Roast Beef, Cheddar, Tomato, Horseradish

Choice of Homemade Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Macaroni Salad or Cucumber Salad

Lettuce Leaf Wrap Platter

12.95 per person

Family Tossed Salad

Family Salad platters are made with fresh lettuce, vegetables and cheese and make your menu complete

Any salad is available to be made chopped style.
Add Grilled Chicken for an additional charge.

Caesar Salad Classic
Fresh Romaine Hearts with Grated Parmesan Cheese with Caesar Dressing

Field of Green
A medley of field greens and Mesculin lettuce with fresh broccoli, mushrooms, Bermuda onion, cucumber, tomato, sliced green & red peppers, shredded cheese, bacon bits & croutons served with your choice of dressing

Greek Island Salad
Crisp Romaine Hearts with fresh Feta Cheese, tomatoes and Olives, served with Greek Dressing

Family Tossed Salad for 8


serves up to 8

Family Tossed Salad for 14


serves up to 14

Family Bagels & Cream Cheese Platters

A beautifully garnished platter ideal for any special occasion.

Assortment of bagels and bialys
Choice of any of our Homemade Cream Cheeses
Tray of sliced Onions, Tomatoes, Cucumbers & Peppers

Served with 2 bagels per person.

Family Bagels & Cream Cheese Platter

$7.95 per person

Family Continental Breakfast

Start the day with this breakfast tradition

Basket of assorted bagels
Choice of homemade cream cheeses
Butter and Muffins
Box of hot coffee
1/2 gallon of Tropicana orange juice

Family Continental Breakfast


Family Bagels & Nova Platters

Sliced nova lox, cream cheese and bagels

Sliced nova lox
Choice of any of our homemade cream cheeses
An assortment of bagels and bialys
Tray of sliced Onions, Tomatoes, Cucumbers & Peppers

Served with 2 bagels per person.

Cream Cheese Choices

Plain • Light Plain • Scallion •Light Scallion • Bacon Scallion • Vegetable Light Vegetable • Walnut Raisin • Strawberry • Olive • Lox Spread
Light Lox medley • Jalapeño and more

Family Bagels & Nova Platters

$14.95 per person

Family Fruit Platters

A beautifully decorated fresh fruit platter filed with an assortment of delicious seasonal fruit.

Family Fruit Platters for 12


serves up to 12

Family Fruit Platters for 20


serves up to 20

Family Crudite Platters

An assortment of fresh vegetables and our homemade dip.

Family Crudite Platters for 12


serves up to 12

Family Crudite Platters for 20


serves up to 20

Family Cheese Platters

A beautiful platter filled with a variety of gourmet cheeses complimented with seasonal fruit.

Family Cheese Platters for 15


serves up to 15

Family Cheese Platters for 20


serves up to 20

Cold Cut & Cheese Platters

Your Choice - Any 3 Meats & Any 3 Cheeses
Also includes a tray of crispy lettuce, tomato & red bermuda onion & cole slaw, macaroni or potato salad. Sliced bagels of your choice.

10 person minimum

Cold Cut & Cheese Platter

$12.95 per person

Family Dessert Platters

Deliciously sweet for your special event. A variety of fresh cookies, mini-danish & rugulach.

Family Dessert Platters for 12


serves up to 12

Family Dessert Platters for 20


serves up to 20